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Formation to Present

In early 2011 Kevin Collins (a widely known judge and Breeder/Exhibitor of the Langshans cousin the Australorp), in seeing the increasing interest in Langshans, in the state of Victoria, sparked the idea of creating a State club for the breed.

Kevin floated his idea with many known Langshan breeders in all parts of Victoria . Those that took particular interest in the formation of the club and contributed a colossal amount of time and effort into organising the club’s formation and inaugural show, were Michael Grounds (President), Michael Jones (Vice President) Debbie Sigmund (Secretary), Brett Batcheldor (Treasurer),Hayden Stephens (Show Manager), Pat Birchall (Patron) and last but not least, of course Kevin himself who now holds a position in the committee, as well as host of other dedicated breeders who all participated in our show and contributed greatly to its and the clubs great success.

Our Inaugural Show was held on the 2nd of July, 2011 at the Melbourne Show Grounds along with five other clubs - Australorps, Pekins, Leghorns, Wyandottes and Plymouth Rocks. The show was kindly held by the Australorp Club’s Victoria Branch (as the Langshan club had not been officially formed . This was done at a meeting afterwards. ) The Australorp Club’s Secretary/Treasurer Darren McFarlane put an unbelievable amount of time and effort into our Schedule, Award Cards and other features pertaining to the success of the Show. 135 Entries were benched to be adjudicated by the President of the Langshan Club of Australia, Mr Brian Tiyce who kindly agreed to drive down from his home in New South Wales to not only judge our birds but also to guide us in the official formation of the Club.

The Show went without a hitch so to speak and it came time for our turn to have our first AGM and to officially form the Club and elect Office Bearers. Brian Tyice chaired the meeting assisted by Debbie Sigmund and Michael Grounds. At the conclusion of the meeting, the majority of exhibitors who participated in our show were paid up members, and it was decided that we shall continue to hold our show in conjunction with the other breed clubs named above, at the same venue.

A Committee meeting was held at Warragul Poultry Club in August when it was decided to organise a logo for our club as well as a lot of other paper work that had to be completed. Towards the end of 2011 our President Michael Grounds generously donated some jewellery from his business to raffle to enable the club to raise funds for our upcoming show.

We are currently in the process of preparing for our next show which will be held at the Melbourne Showgrounds in conjunction with the other breed clubs.

The club continues to grow with memberships in every state and Territory of Australia except WA and Qld.